date: 12/19/2022 11:50PM

mood: HUH????

i got covid :((


im asymptomatic (thank god, my mother has it too and is just kinda dying in her bedroom ) but it still really sucks :(( i have a soreish throat but my entire family is acting like im dying its kind of getting on my nerves.

i am aura julia lotusbeds. my parents are dad lotusbeds and mom lotusbeds. my wife is science twilight sparkle. if you find this, then i am gone. but all of this had nothing to do with you. i love you very much. im on hour 14 quarantined in my room with no end in site...i havent touched grass or seen the sun this entire day...the following hours will be difficult soldier..but we must carry through. transmission over

genuinely though I havent left my room and am kind of going stir-crazy!!! my family cant come in and i cant talk to them so they periodically just yell across the house which does irritate me a tad but i appreciate the effort . currently they drop food off outside my door and bring me my necessities...lots of fluids and media are being consumed i promise!!

in order to keep busy, my dad has given me a sewing machine to install in my room...i wouldve preferred it downstairs but a girls do what they gotta do and i gotta survive!!! i managed to get it working which is kind of a miracle bc the machine is 40 years old and..very greasy... (eugh) but its very high quality and im thankful i have it...(way better than the singer one i worked on at school..) tbh the hardest part is always threading the machine and i still dont know if i did it right but it works so thats all that matters. ive been doing my best to keep my sewing materials well-organized but what do people even do with all the excess thread??? where does it go??? does it just kinda...hang out on my desk??? would be appreciated

my favorite thing to do recently is watch breaking bad while i knit...its so soothing and like im genuinely hooked. when theyre trapped in the rv im sweating and shaking im so stressed for them its kinda embarrassing...but i have lots of progress on my scarf which is the important bit. i can wrap it all the way around my neck by now...with all this extra free time (im out of school for the next week and then break ;-;) i should be able to finish it by christmas. the scarf is for my mom bc she wanted a really big painting but i kinda hate the idea so im just giving her a nice handknitted scarf in her favorite color and hoping that suffices. tbh i really should not have gone w the seed stich its takinig forever and doesnt even look all that good but oh...what can you do :(

i did a lot of updates to the site!! the iframe was really small and was bugging me so i just made it wide and added a couple of things to the links page :3c. i hope to eventually have a consistent stream of art on here as well as clean up the misc page (which is really more of a code testing page atp but oh well...) by golly i sure have my work cut out for me...

ive been fantasizing a lot about becoming more academically accomplished...i was planning on majoring in bio as premed but i might become a biologist im enjoying this a lot...we will see tho >:) tbh ive kinda given up on my ive league dreams ill settle for a top 100.. (though 97% of my school goes to a top 100 college but whatever...its still what i tell myself at least..) but im gonna study hard!!! this illness will not crush my dreams of becoming a doctor...just u wait!!

thats all i have for today folks, thanks for watching and make sure to hit the subscribe button, peace!! xx