date: 12/10/2022

mood: so excited!!

my first post!!!

OMG GUYS!!!! this is my first ever post and first time working with html im absolutely ecstatic this is working at all ^_^

this is gonna act as well...a blog?? ive never run one before... im kinda getting sick of conventional social medias and i think the concept of little personal decentralized internet spaces is so cool plus the aesthetic of all the really jarring bright colorful blinkies...amazing

i hope i can keep up with this tho, im scared?? idk i need to find out how to do an in website editor for these posts idk how other people do it...the neocities community seems so fun like genuinely T_T it makes me so nostalgic for a time on the internet i wanst a part of :(( i kinda wish i grew up on these kinds of personal websites..

anyway!! this will not be exclusively blogging...there will be art and discussion and breakdowns and really anything that comes to mind :)) maybe i can post information where people can see it..ooooo....