date: 12/13/2022 10:05PM

mood: cough cough couhghgh

sick :((

so yknow yesterday well turns out i was sick and i stayed home today :((

it didnt feel all that much different from a normal day i slept in until 2 which is around when im done with school so it just felt like a normal afternoon. nothing special at all really. oh!! in terms of media consumption though (should i make a section for reviewing media/talking abt my interests?? maybe...) i finished wednesday!!! heres my review: it was great i had a fun time but it felt really rushed and underdeveloped.

honestly the worst thing to happen to cinema in recent history is the shortening of seasons from 23 episodes to 8. give me more content please!! i have no connection at all to characters if i barely get to see them outside of the central plot. i think it can all be pinned down to mid-2010s youtube reviewers complaining about "filler" so much. i love filler episode so much you dont get it...theyre like little fanfics but actually canon and you can see their interpersonal relationships and all that :(( theyre so fun!! and people took it away because they only want plot and plot and twists and turns and cant appreciate a shows setting.

i think a show like wednesday can easily be more character-focused like god you have one of the most iconic characters of the 20th century and you barely develop her and put her in some murder mistery cw crime show like what are you doing?? i feel like i barely got to experience wednesday's and enid's relationship. like maybe a few scenes but thats all really how are we supposed to be convinced that theyre super close?? and same with the love triangle... to be honest i hate love triangles and i hated this one even more but itd be great to see tylers and xaviers personal relationship and make it more 3d compared to what it was...i feel like the only relationship really fleshed out was wednesdays and tylers which i hated so much!!! i felt zero connection to xavier im sorry i hated him so much. but tyler... :3c i can woobify tyler all day long!! lil guy!!! lil crazy psycho maniac i love him uwu

anyway i also finished season 2 of breaking bad and...JANE :((( I LOVED HER SM...

i think thats all youre getting out of me man im actually so out of it rn :(( bye guys love u xx