date: 12/14/2022 11:50PM

mood: superman - eminem on loop!!


tbh this is really more of an online web diary than it is a blog i should probably rename it or smth...but i still wanna be a Girlblogger :3c

HI KATE!!! idk if ur reading this but hi!!!!! hii!!! hruu :3c im good tysm!!! arent u so excited for orchestra and math and ur in class essay tmr ahahh :)) i made some minor edits to the website (i rlly hated the old font...i like this one much better!!) and i SWEAR ill work on the other pages SOON I SWEAR :((( but im rlly busy w schoolwork absolutely swamped (i havent been binging breaking bad not at all..) and also coding rlly gets on u at some point..

ANYWAY!!! i might be reentering my my little pony phase...the absolute GRIP equestria girls has on me i am literally in love with scitwi she is so MECORE!!!! BLARSGHDGEHG I LOVE HER SM :(((

on the topic of watching breaking bad im sorry but i really could not cope w a quarter of the stuff the characters are going thru like at one point or another im just offing myself im sorry T_T i can barely handle my friends being mildly annoyed w me no way am i going to be able to cope w my wife sleeping w her boss like...i love jesse pinkman i dont CARE if hes a criminal i LOVE him and i will WOOBIUWUIFY him all i want!!! just watch me!!!

i genuinely do not have a lot to say so i cant provide any thoughtful philosophical insight today ... bye!!